A breathtakingly beautiful peninsula, jutting into the crystalline blue waters where the Ionian and Adriatic seas meet, Salento offers stunning landscapes and a blaze of light and colour.

From Gallipoli to Otranto, Lecce to Santa Maria di Leuca, Salento brings the scent of wild Mediterranean herbs and the flavour of a cuisine based on fish, bread baked in wood-fired ovens and extra-virgin olive oil.

In this sunny paradise, its hot climate tempered by sea breezes, forget the urban bustle and rediscover a connection with nature amidst ancient stone farmhouses surrounded by olive groves.
Otranto, the pearl of Salento, and Lecce, the capital of the baroque, known as the Florence of the South, have long served as theatrical backdrops to great events. Let them be the stage for yours…

"In the shade of the baroque"
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